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[Software: info] Toolbox 1.5.5. リリース




* Don’t merge records with different homonym numbers.
* Add SaveWithoutNewlines option in prj file. To activate, do
right click on prj file and choose Open With, Notepad. Add a line
containing \SaveWithoutNewlines somewhere between the first and last
* For portable project, allow prj file to be named Toolbox
Project.prj as an alternative to Toolbox.prj.
* Don’t include language encoding in external parallel move information.
* Give error message if CCT path in export is longer than the
maximum of 126 characters.
* Make ambiguity box a little narrower to fit in 1024×768.
* Fix bug of crash on move record if only one database available.
* Fix bug of consistency check replace button gray in legacy language.



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[Software: info] ELAN 3.7 release

ビデオ・音声のアノテーションツール、ELAN の新バージョン( 3.7.0.)がリリースされています。


In this version a viewer for Metadata has been introduced, in which
metadata values that are relevant to the annotation document can be
displayed. The user can select an IMDI session file and configure
which metadata keys to show.
Other new features are: search and replace in multiple eaf files,
shifting of individual annotations, shifting of annotations left or
right of the crosshair on the active tier or on all tiers, a new
Toolbox import function, font selection in the multiple file search,
new application wide preferences and new keyboard shortcuts. A number
of import and export functions have been improved and extended.

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ELDP Grants 2009

ロンドン大学SOASのEndangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) からドキュメンテーション研究のための研究資金の公募のお知らせが出ています。


In order to meet the demand for support for language documentation
work, there will be two granting cycles in 2009. Cycle 1 is targeted
to specific granting categories, with an expedited schedule opening on
1 March. Cycle 2 is a full granting cycle, in which applications in
all grant categories will be invited, opening on 15 May.

All applicants should note that there have been changes in the
categories of grants, application forms and guidance, and terms and
conditions. Applicants should familiarise themselves with
all aspects of the revised application process, as there will be
differences compared to earlier ELDP granting cycles.

2009 Grant Cycle 1
Small Grants (up to £10,000)
Individual Graduate Scholarships

Applications open 1 March
Applications due 1 May
Decisions notified in August

2009 Grant Cycle 2
Small Grants (up to £10,000)
Individual Graduate Scholarships
Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships
Major Documentation Projects
Training Activity Grants

Applications open 15 May
Applications due 3 August
Decisions notified in January 2010

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