[Software: info] ELAN 3.8.1 リリース

11月 26, 2009 at 8:00 pm コメントを残す

ビデオ・音声のアノテーションツール、ELAN の新バージョン( 3.8.1)がリリースされました。

– shifting annotations on the active tier, or on all tiers, left or
right of the crosshair. If the tier had depending time alignable
tiers, saved files could sometimes not be opened again.
– editing annotations on a time-subdivision tier, in a context where
there are adjacent annotations on the root level, could lead to the
disappearance of the group of annotations to the right of the edited
group. This could also happen while undoing an edit.
– merging annotations with unaligned time subdivision child
annotations could result in wrongly ordered child annotations
– the import of FLEx files now better deals with irregularities in
order and type of FLEx elements and attributes
– it should now be possible to store more than one multiple file domains

– pasting a group of annotations on a group of tiers with similar
structure and naming convention as the source tier group
– merging of two similarly structured groups of tiers into a new group of tiers
– create annotations based on the gaps between existing annotations of a tier
– change the case (lowercase/uppercase) of all annotations of selected tiers
– overrule the aspect ratio of videos


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